Equine Dentistry

Equine dentistry aims to maintain the function, symmetry, and balance of your horse’s mouth. This can maximise performance, comfort, and prevent pathology from developing.


Horses should graze between 10-18 hours a day. The mastication (chewing) process includes both forward and back as well as side to side motions of the jaw. Overtime this movement causes attrition (wearing) of the teeth. To reduce the impact of attrition, horses have an almost continuous eruption of a reserved crown.

Changes in horses’ diets (grains, hays) have reduced the normal mastication movement which can contribute to the development of sharp enamel points. This can cause less effective processing of feed which can predispose to colic, choke, and diarrhea.



Our Advanced Equine Dentistry involves a general health check, a thorough oral examination to assess for pathology, sedation, a dental float (removing sharp points), and remedial adjustments if necessary. We recommend dental checks every 6 months to a year to ensure we stay on top of their dental health

Apart from sharp points, Advanced Equine Dentistry aims to reduce the hooks, ramps, and bite misalignment problems that are incredibly common in horses, keeping them both happier & healthier for longer.


Please note that it is our clinic policy to only treat horses that are up to date with their Hendra vaccinations.

This is a health and safety policy designed to protect our team, our clients and our equine patients with vaccination being the best means of protection against the deadly Hendra Virus.

We can look after your horses's teeth at our place or yours

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