Equine Dentistry

With the use of suitable sedation and power tools, we can help keep your horse’s teeth correctly balanced for life. As a result, your horse will be more comfortable and make better use of their food.


Horses graze about 18 hours a day. That wears out a lot of tooth enamel. Fortunately, their teeth continue to “grow” throughout their life into their twenties. Because of this, they are prone to wearing sharp points, and any little imbalance that starts will get worse over time.



Traditional hand tool dentistry which we all did up until the nineties, will certainly keep your horse comfortable by taking down the sharp points.

What it can’t do, is address bite imbalance problems caused by overgrown & decaying teeth. These imbalance problems get progressively worse over time.

The exciting thing about Power Tools, is we can fix these problems and extend the useful life of a horse’s mouth, and therefore the horse.

Apart from sharp points, Advanced Equine Dentistry aims to reduce the hooks, ramps, and bite misalignment problems that are incredibly common in horses, keeping them both happier & healthier for longer.

We can look after your horses's teeth at our place or yours

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