Large Animal Services

Whether you have horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas or llamas – our veterinarians will see and treat all the family.

Our large animal services cover all aspects of livestock care – from routine health checks and vaccinations through to emergency situations, such as injuries, bloat and birthing difficulties.

Whilst many of our livestock clients are seen on property and we are always happy to come to you, we do encourage those who can to bring their animal into the clinic to do so. Here at the clinic we have stables, runs and a crush; this has multiple benefits for all involved, including being more cost effective for you, safer handling for all involved and allows us access to all the equipment here in the clinic that we may not have out on the property.

For most of our large animal friends basic health care should include attention to vaccinations, worming and hoof care.

Large Animal Preventative Care

We are committed to helping animals live healthy, happy lives

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