Diagnostic Imaging

Our purpose-built hospital offers digital radiography (X-ray) for small and large animals, as well as an ultrasound to give us a clear window into your pet’s health. We’re able to run tests quickly in-house to get a rapid diagnosis.

Small Animal Ultrasound

The ultrasound is a useful tool used in the diagnosis of many diseases and conditions from urinary tract disease to liver masses.

Pregnancy Determination

Small Animal X-Ray

Radiography is a crucial component in the work up and diagnosis of many small animal cases including:

  • lameness (eg cruciate ligament tears, spinal injuries)
  • traumatic fracture (eg hit by car incidents)
  • thoracic imaging (eg pneumonia, feline asthma, megaoesophagus)
  • abdominal imaging (eg gastrointestinal foreign bodies and blockages)

Large Animal X-Ray

Large animal services include:

  • lameness work-up
  • fracture diagnosis
  • laminitis/founder assessment

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