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Our purpose built hospital offers our clients both digital radiography (X-ray) and ultrasound. Our X-ray has the added benefit of being portable, meaning our large animal clients don't miss out on this service which can be provided on-farm.

Small Animal Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a useful tool used in the diagnosis of many diseases and conditions from urinary tract disease to liver masses.

Small Animal X-ray

Radiography is a crucial component in the work up and diagnosis of many small animal cases including:

- lameness (eg cruciate ligament tears, spinal injuries)
- traumatic fracture (eg hit by car incidents)
- thoracic imaging (eg pneumonia, feline asthma, megaoesophagus)
- abdominal imaging (eg gastrointestinal foreign bodies and blockages)

Pregnancy Determination

Ultrasonography is used to detect foetal heart rate and can be used for pregnancy determination as well as assessing foetal viability. Pregnancy determination is best performed from 25-35 days gestation, while ultrasound performed at term can be used in cases of dystocia to determine the degree of foetus stress. At full term a low foetal heart rate is generally indicative of foetal stress and allows our vet to make an educated decision when it comes to determining whether a caesarian may be the best option of survival for your litter.

Fetal skeleton can be detected by radiography from approximately 42-45 days gestation with best results achieved after day 55 when it comes to discerning litter size. Radiography at this stage in the puppy's development will not harm the foetus or cause congenital defects.

Large Animal X-Ray

On farm X-Ray services are available to our clients with our portable radiography equipment. Large animal services include:

- lameness work-up
- fracture diagnosis
- laminitis/founder assessment


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