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An in-house laboratory, plus access to an external reference laboratory, allows our veterinarians access to a wide range of pathology services

Haematology (Complete Blood Count)

This provides us detailed information about of your pets red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and can help detect underlying disease and conditions including anaemia, bleeding disorders, infection, inflammation and stress.


Biochemistry testing gives us a summary of the body's systems and how they are functioning including the liver, kidneys, pancreas and gastrointestinal system and endocrine system. Regular testing can help in the early detection of liver and kidney disease.

Endocrine Disease

Our in-house pathology testing gives us same day results which allows us to start & manage treatment more quickly & more effectively.

Blood Glucose Checks

Our in-house system allows for regular and easy monitoring of Blood glucose levels in our diabetic patients. Results are instant and allows us to tailor treatment.


Cytology allows us to investigate disease processes at a cellular level to choose an appropriate therapy. It is particularly beneficial in skin, ear and urinary issues.


Urinalysis is used to better assess urinary tract function in patients with kidney disease, urinary tract infections and snake bites just to name a few.

Faecal Floatation

Faecal flotations are a quick and simple test run in clinic to determine whether your pet has a worm burden and what types of worms they may have. This can help us in developing a worming program for your individual animal or your herd and can reduce the incidence of drench resistance.


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